Grain vulnerable to sieve

The influence of the working parameters of vibrating screen. 4) The motion state of the screen. 2) The shape of sieve mesh. There are mainly including the following factors: 1) The category of the sieve surface. It is better to use square or rectangular mesh. The particle size more than 3 / 4 of the sieve mesh are difficult to pass referred as grains difficult to. What's more, the product quality and performance have reached world leading level and can meet different screening requirements of the industry. �X�B:Vibrating Screen Counts in Mining Machinery - mychris 的部落格 - udn部落格blog. If the materials contain more emplastic, although the material has a lower humidity, it is easy to blocking too. The working surface of the vibrating screen mainly include steel bar, wire, punching plate, rubber, polyurethane and so on. There are various factors affecting the working efficiency of China Wheat Dryers Manufacturers a vibrating screen, which generally are classified into three major categories. Course of their work should always observe the screening machine is running, such as found in sports does not sound normal or abnormal, should promptly shut down inspection, identify the causes and troubleshooting. It is chosen according to the working condition and the properties of the materials. 3) The size of sieve mesh. Facing with this kind of situation we should consider washing the ore in advance. Tracked portable vibrating screen is compiled of mainframe, eccentric bock, screen web, rub spring, electric motor, coupler and some more. To a service-oriented brand integrity,As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, like sand washing machine, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. The screen surface should be the case there is no material start to avoid the boot with their own materials, machines running smoothly after the screening to give material.5 times of the sieve mesh are the so called the blocking grain. We will offer you suitable type according to your requirements. Shutdown should be preceded by cessation of feeding until the surface material to exclude and then stop. These factors make the screening process difficult and greatly decrease the screening efficiency. And the effects of these different working surface on the screening efficiency is mainly related to the effective area. We can use the method of increasing a auxiliary screen with larger sieve mesh, use which screen out the coarse level materials in advance, and then put the coarse materials into the vibrating screen for further screening. The screening efficiency of various sieve are general as follows: high-efficiency heavy screen with a screening efficiency greater than 90%; shaking sieve greater than 70-80%; drum sieve 60%; fixed bar 50-60%. As the actual operation of the vibrating screen showed that, materials with a particle size less than 3 / 4 of the sieve mesh are easy to pass the mesh, which is known as grain vulnerable to sieve. Materials with a particle size 1-1. The vibrating screen body of this type screen adopts more advanced one stage molding vibration tray, which ensures the vibrating screen have a higher screening efficiency and longer service life. The higher humidity of the material the bigger the viscosity, so it is easy to blocking.zhengzhou, China (prHWY. The influence of material properties.